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Built in Germany by Euronautic GMBH. For information contact enjoko@t-online.de




The Concept

The Avia Scamp is a new idea in jet boats. It offers the quality associated with the worlds finest European builders in an inexpensive but stylish package. Performance is excellent, while the finish and and construction quality is in a class by itself.

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The Design

Design is a joint effort by Tony and Velko Kazulin and Grahame Shannon. Beginning with a hand carved concept model by Velko Kazulin, computer generated lines have been refined and perfected to arrive at a true masterpiece.  The boat makes a great first boat for a family or an ideal tender for a larger yacht.


The Quality

Tooling for the Scamp was built in Burnaby, BC, headed up by Tony Kazulin, famous for the Kavalk line of 19 and 30-foot sports boats.


The Scamp is designed to exceed all AYBC and ISO standards for the US and the EU, so it can be sold worldwide. The vessel is unsinkable due to generous foam flotation. The cockpit is completely self-bailing so swamping is impossible.

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