Metal Boats

Over the years we have designed many steel and aluminum yachts, ranging from the Tom Thumb 24, a tiny steel cruiser, to the magnificent Amazon steel yachts built by SP Metalcraft.  These days, we mainly design large custom motor yachts, but our first love remains smaller vessels in the 20 to 50 foot range.

If you have one of our early designs, we would love to hear your history and would welcome any photos. Thanks!

We can do custom designs for just about any size metal boat, for professional construction. We provide either full size mylar frame patterns, or better yet CNC cutting data for frames and plating.

Interested in building a smaller boat from a CNC kit? Look here at a great 18' design from my associate Jarek Kanios.

Some new designs:

35 foot aluminum power cat, uses 2 x 250 HP Verado outboards, for an Alaska client. Will be CNC cut.

36 Foot aluminum coupe for a Lake Erie client, uses the patented Flowmocean hull for outstanding economy and sea keeping. Stock plans will be available for this one.

The SJ47 is a very simple 47' steel displacement cruiser

The Avia Express 36 is a new Aluminum design available with single or twin diesel engines, ideally suited for Northwest cruising. Unlike most Express or "picnic boats" the wheelhouse has a solid bulkhead--no canvas.

36 EX-2VWkeelSM.jpg (35014 bytes)Late afternoon.jpg (365399 bytes)


Older Designs

The Amazon 44 is my favorite steel design, and the one the builder Dieter Pollak chose for his in progress circumnavigation. There was a good one for sale but it has been sold!

Cabezon is a 42 foot steel boat designed by Grahame Shannon and built by Waterline Yachts in Sidney BC. She has voyaged all over the Pacific and is now in Vancouver.

Cabezon.jpg (71389 bytes)

An Australian built Tom Thumb 24 Seerauber.

These are all steel yachts designed and built in the mid 80s.

AM29 Spin.jpg (68002 bytes)

The one and only Amazon 29 on her original sea trials in 1984, Dieter Pollak, the builder, on the bow. I was steering.

Amazon 45.jpg (33999 bytes)

Amazon 35.jpg (53189 bytes)

Thalia II, the one and only Amazon 35, on the left when new, 20 years later on the right. She recently sailed to Tasmania from Nova Scotia via the Cape of Good Hope! Click on the right photo for more.



am37-3.jpg (28357 bytes)am37-2.jpg (29862 bytes)am37-6.jpg (23525 bytes)37 interior.jpg (43187 bytes)

The Amazon 37.  About 8 were built and they command high prices when resold. Note the steps in the transom. In the 1984 Annapolis boat show it was the only boat with this feature. In the 1985 show I counted 17 boats with similar, and in at least one case, identical sterns!


mk 7 planing.jpg (89021 bytes)

C-King Marauder 25

A 25 foot aluminum power boat with remarkable ride in rough water. This boat is series built on Vancouver Island. Extensive research and development work was done to come up with a bottom design which is both fast and comfortable. People who have tried it agree it is something of a breakthrough.

14-4.jpg (17729 bytes)
The UNINFLATABLE a yacht tender designed to replace a wet riding RIB. It has substantial all round fendering, and a rounded shape designed to be easy on the mother ship. Also weather protection with a movable hardtop (almost like a Mercedes SLK). Full flotation makes it as safe as an RIB but much more comfortable and even CHEAPER (those tubes are expensive). The first one is 14' long but 12' to 18' is a practical size range.  Can be built by any competent aluminum builder.