The current economic downturn has made us all poorer or if you like, less wealthy.  Many people have lost their jobs, others have lost money in real estate or the stock market. My design business has suffered greatly, partly my own doing since I took a principled stand against gas-guzzlers and mega-yachts, the biggest money makers in the yacht design business. So. I have taken a look at stock plans, which was my main source of income in the 1980s.  I have one design that makes particular sense in these times.

Recently I designed an aluminum rowing/sailing boat for an Ontario Client.   It is exceptionally easy to build if you have basic welding skills. It could also be easily built in "stitch and tape" plywood.  This type of boat is a lot of fun for little money. It particularly suits those who live on a river or lake, but because it is light and can be trailered behind a regular car, you can build it and use it almost anywhere. Park the cars outside and build it in your garage.

I'll sell the plans for this boat in electronic format for $99 US.

Raider Sail Plan PDF

Raider Layout PDF

Raider 20 Features