Free NMEA 0183 Monitor Program

When designing, testing and installing marine electronics, it is often useful to know what data is present on the NMEA network.

This simple utility quickly tells what NMEA data is available, and copys the sentence names to the clipboard for easy emailing.

If you have trouble with Avia Sailing, please download this program. Email us the contents of the NMEA sentences found box to and we will analyze the results.



Save the file to your desktop or other location.

Open the ZIP file by double-clicking it. Unzip the files or run Setup.exe from inside the zip folder. Either should work OK.

The program will install and run . It should take only a few seconds. You may get a security warning. Choose ignore--this file has no viruses or spyware.

To install on different computer
Burn the contents of the ZIP file to a CD-ROM, or copy to USB thumb drive.  Ypu are free to use, copy or give away this program as long as you do not modify it in any way.

Make sure all the equipment is connected and running, select the serial port then press the Start button. Within a few minute the NMEA sentences will all be listed. Hit Stop, and the sentences will be on the Windows Clipboard where you can paste them into an email.

If nothing at all appears the possibilities are:

  1. You have chosen the wrong port. If others appear on the list try a different one.
  2. You have a bad connection. Check all the wiring.
  3. Your serial port or Serial to USB adapter is defective.


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